26 September 2013

A Night Off

I've been working like crazy lately, as I type this, I'm at work lol. I rarely ever have off days. When I found out about Empire of the Sun (one of the greatest bands of all time IMO) coming to Atlanta to perform, I was ecstatic. Somehow, despite forgetting to request that Wednesday off, I managed to receive it off anyway. I bought my outfit from my job and the next day I was off and ready to go. I was lifted and sipping on Henn, but I maintined my composure and ended up having an awesome night.
You know it's going to be a great night when you see me smiling lol. I never smile!

My outfit: wearing a lace shirt with nothing under it made me a tad bit uncomfortable so I put my jacket on before we reached the venue.

Posing after the show.

Me & Kiera during a break in the show. Can you tell what we did before lol? ;)

Empire of the Sun performing Half Mast.  Luke even went into the crowd and let a girl sing the lyrics. Lucky bitch.

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