30 June 2013

An Old Favorite...

Back in 2011, I had just moved back to Atlanta from Auburn, Alabama. In Auburn there was one rinky dink mall and I didn't drive that year so if I wanted to shop, I was relegated to online shopping. Needless to say when I moved back to the city, I made up for lost time when it came to shopping. My favorite stores were Forever 21, American Apparel, Value Village, and of course, Urban Outfitters.

I got this fedora at Urban on sale for $5 and I constantly found different ways to work it into my outfits. Somewhere along the line, I gradually stopped wearing my fedora until I wasn't wearing it at all. When I left my apartment in Marietta to move back into my mom's house, it was relegated to the back of one of my closets. 

I had an interview on Thursday and I got to dress up how I would dress if I were to be hired and for some reason when I walked past my second closet, I just really wanted to wear my fedora. I paired a simple black v-neck with a black and white tropical print skirt, bright blue open-toe flats, a silver multi-chain necklace and my MK watch. My fedora which had not been worn in about a year, was the icing on top of this simple yet chic outfit. 

I think my love affair with my fedora has been rekindled. I'm thinking of ways to pair my fedora with other outfits as I type. :)

Shirt: Ambiance Apparel
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Atlanta boutique
Watch: Michael Kors
Fedora: Urban Outfitters

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