15 December 2011

Wedges & Fedoras

It's been so long since I've done a What I Wore today post that you guys probably forgot that this was a personal style blog, huh lol?

Well today my friend Tavie and I decided to go thrifting (my second time this week :x) and I needed an outfit. Me and Tavie kind of compete when it comes to dressing. It's a healthy competition though. Neither one of us wants to go out with the other and not look as good as she does.

So today I wanted to be casual and chic. It was 67 degrees (I guess winter has come and gone?) so I decided to pull out a pair of shorts, I put on a tank top, tucked it into the shorts and put a shrug on top. A pair of thigh-highs, a pair of wedges, a fedora, a silver spike bead necklace, silver bow studs, two silver rings, and a silver cuff finished off the look.


  1. those shoes are phenomenal! i have the hardest time trying to pull off wedges, but you do it flawlessly. super nice outfit.

  2. I really like your shorts!
    & wheres your necklace from?
    Beaut! xoxo