24 December 2011


As I've been a crappy blogger for a while now and been M.I.A., you guys have missed out on a lot. I said that I was going to be sharing my journey with you guys, so here it goes:

I recently styled a photoshoot with my friend Lataevia. They wanted to hire me to be their stylist for all their photoshoots but as I decided I didn't want to work with them, I politely declined. I've been an on-call wardrobe consultant for this really cool lady who has her own casting agency. She's going to be setting me up to be the stylist for the photoshoots for her models (which I'm seriously excited about!).

A model saw my designs (clothing) and some of my accessories and invited me to participate in this huge fashion show in March! Hopefully I can transfer my designs from paper to real life in time for the show.

I also was contacted by this lady (through a friend of mine) about styling a fashion show and supplying accessories for the show. This will be in the new year, so I'll have plenty of time to get the ideas out of my head and onto the models!

I have a new name for my budding line, Leather, Love & Lace.

I'll be setting up my website soon, and I'll feel ten times better about everything I'm doing.

I have two photoshoots for my accessory line coming up this upcoming year.

I have so many opportunities coming up. I'm grateful but it won't be enough until I'm complaining because someone always wants me to work with them. Photographers, models, other designers. I've been networking my butt off and I'm happy that I'm seeing results.

All this and I still haven't told my mom I want to transfer to art school for Fall Semester 2012. ._.

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