24 December 2011

The Big Misconception

So I've been keeping my aspirations to work in fashion quiet, simply because of the reactions I've received from people that THINK they know me.

People have told me that I'm too smart to work in fashion and that trying to obtain a job in the fashion world was the easy way out. I've been told that I'm lazy because I want to work in fashion. The last two comments are the most annoying and hurtful. From what I've seen so far, it's harder to obtain a job in fashion than most other fields. You have to work on drawing your designs, sewing them, and trying to network so that you can get your line out there. To say that someone is lazy because they genuinely want to work in fashion is barbaric. How am I too smart to work in fashion? Only stupid people are supposed to want to work in this industry?

Also I've been getting the everyone wants to work in fashion comments. *rolls eyes*. First, that has NOTHING to do with me. Secondly, this is my passion and I am willing to work hard and do almost anything it takes to make sure that I'm successful in this field. I'm not worried about what anybody else is doing. I'm just focusing on me.

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