14 April 2014

A Break.....

Sometimes you need a break. To step back. To refocus your attention on what actually matters. I'm in such a different space than I was when I first started this blog or than I was in when I posted my last post. I got caught up in a lot of things, but I feel like I am ready to start blogging again because I honestly missed my blog.

One of my NYE Resolutions was to commit  to one thing and see it through. I made my commitment to this blog in 2011 and I will see this through until the very end. Until this blog no longer serves its purpose.

So three months into the new year, I will fully re-committ to my blog. At least one post a week! :)

26 September 2013

Black Ink

My tattoos mean a lot to me, more than people realize. I got a tattoo that I had been wanting for a couple of years, and I swear I fall more and more in love with it every time that I look at it because it's so beautiful.

Peep the Latin finger tattoo, and Chinese symbol for humble.

S'S 14 Designer Spotlight: Pucci

The designers definitely brought the heat for their S'S 14 Collections, but one particular collection stood out in particular, and that was Pucci. Pucci combined classic silhouettes with trendy patterns and fabrics. His collection was very eye catching and definitely left nothing to be desired. If I had to choose a favorite collection from S'S '14 so far, Pucci would definitely have my vote!

A Night Off

I've been working like crazy lately, as I type this, I'm at work lol. I rarely ever have off days. When I found out about Empire of the Sun (one of the greatest bands of all time IMO) coming to Atlanta to perform, I was ecstatic. Somehow, despite forgetting to request that Wednesday off, I managed to receive it off anyway. I bought my outfit from my job and the next day I was off and ready to go. I was lifted and sipping on Henn, but I maintined my composure and ended up having an awesome night.
You know it's going to be a great night when you see me smiling lol. I never smile!

My outfit: wearing a lace shirt with nothing under it made me a tad bit uncomfortable so I put my jacket on before we reached the venue.

Posing after the show.

Me & Kiera during a break in the show. Can you tell what we did before lol? ;)

Empire of the Sun performing Half Mast.  Luke even went into the crowd and let a girl sing the lyrics. Lucky bitch.

On My Playlist...

This year has been an amazing year for music. New music from my favorite bands and rappers, as well as discovering new favorites, has rejuvenated my playlist. Check out some of my new favorites below:

Drake featuring Jay Z - Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music 2

I loved Pound Cake from the second I heard Drake's leaked album lol. The samples, the beat, and two verses from one of my favorite rappers makes this a winner in my book.

Kilo  Kish- Navy

Kilo Kish is new to my iPod. A friend was introduced to her music and she in turn introduced me to her. This song is one of my favorites by her (with Goldmine running a close second). The beat is hypnotizing, and trying to decipher the meaning behind her lyrics (is she or is she not talking about sex?) will have you in your own little world.

The Weeknd - Love In The Sky

The Weeknd is back. This is one of my favorites off of his new album Kiss Land. With lyrics about drug usage and hypnotizing beat, it's clear that The Weeknd stuck to his usual formula when it came to making this song. However, I have no complaints about it. :)

Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane

I discovered this song through my work playlist. It would always come on at work and I always vibed to it. One day when I got off, I decided to download the song and I haven't stopped playing it since. It's infectious and mellow, an uncommon combination.

23 August 2013

What's Love?

As of lately, I've been questioning if I even really know what love is. These days it seems like it's a term that's thrown around so loosely. So loosely that it's lost its meaning. So loosely that we can't even define it anymore.

What is love? I don't know. But one day I'll find that person that shows me what real love is like. And until then...

My Birthday

On Saturday, August 17th, I finally turned 21. The days that led up to my birthday were very eventful. I got bad news, had to cancel my trip to Florida, had to push my car off of a rock (long story lol), and on my birthday one of the craziest events ever took place but I'm thankful that I was able to see another year. I don't have many pictures from my birthday but that's fine because I plan on celebrating my birthday again after my friend Kiera's birthday lol.

So check out my birthday outfit below:

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes: Forever 21
Ring: Atlanta Boutique

My first legal drink lol!